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"dog filter, but I'm not a dog." Bc he's a kitten

There was this face. | 28 Life-Changing Things That Happen When 5SOS Performs At The "Today" Show

28 Life-Changing Things That Happen When 5SOS Performs At The "Today" Show

Michael Clifford ♡ hair burnt in a accident :( comment for support for our love here ❥<< feel better Mickey❤️ but I remember being at this concert and how much it tortured my heart from my love for them.

@Michael Dussert Clifford or you could go dark again - your choice, I don't get it but somehow every single frickin color of the rainbow looks good on you

- Asjlsrifhfutgnjfhk coTTON CANDY MIKEY <<< that first pic is photo shopped, he hasn't actually dyed his hair that color, sorry

He's so cute

New gram from Michael - mood: tired in Taipei. woof by michaelclifford

Is he trying to kill us... Or..

I wish there was sound cause the music video is pretty damn amazing--- Can he stop trying to kill his girls plz

I see no difference.... So my sis fell off her bed when sleeping and she did head first and its like 10:00 pm over here so yeah it was funny just like this pic

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No no, it needs to be a kitten because kittens are scared of dogs If you lnow what im talking about give yourself a pat on the back.


I was dying when I saw this. I watched that video 17 times. I counted. << it's even better because Michael's superhero from don't stop is called Mike-or-wave😂❤

♡Michael♡< HE WAS LOOKING RIGHT AT ME AND THAT KISS HIT ME RIGHT IN THE HEART *twitches on floor and dies*

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