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made by leadpoint on DA...Midna would do that!

made by leadpoint on DA.Midna would do that!

Nice Pants, Link by Lethalityrush.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Link has wore (or didn't wear) some interesting pants in the series. The most recent case is the black pants that comes with the red mail in A Link Betw.

OML, if this actually happened in Miraculous Ladybug and chat noir, i will be on the floor laughing XD.

Historieta realizada por Lucas Pergolizzi, Ivo Ortiz y Matías Scocco

Historieta realizada por Lucas Pergolizzi, Ivo Ortiz y Matías Scocco


Waterfall Theory by ~luckybaka on deviantART Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword and Wind Waker

Doing it for the girls

Doing it for the girls

Lol wish that was an option in this game. I had a hard time figuring out it was the chicken that wakes him up.

Haha, getting to zelda, Link style.

Poor Tyranitar  | For more #cool #funny #gif #gags #comic #cute #adorable #meme #humor like this , visit CheeseFeed.co/ :)

Oh tyranitar, you and your sand stream.

Poke-finder in a nutshell


Pokemon Sun and Moon selfie

I feel better about myself now haha

hahaha, always look at the brigth side of life XD

#gaming #gamer #videogames #infographic #comic #videogames #funny

#gaming #gamer #videogames #infographic #comic #videogames #funny

Poor Link

All of Link’s sidekicks were female till ‘Wind Waker’!

Why link only "...."s

Princess Zelda, Young Link, Darunia, and Princess Ruto - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time; funny comic by Alex Di Stasi

Burn the witch! - Imgur

Burn the witch!

Why Link break pots, The Legend of Zelda series artwork by Ink Rose


Is the first couple pics considered pokemon abuse?