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El estudiante turco Deniz Karasahin ha creado, gracias a la impresión 3D, un exoesqueleto que incorpora tecnología de ultrasonido para agilizar la curación de huesos rotos.

Plastic Cast Looks Awesome And Uses Ultrasound To Heal Broken Bones Faster Designer Deniz Karasahin has created a prototype for a new kind of cast called ?

Fashion week de New York : le designer Bradley Rothenberg présente une collection de vêtements réalisés en impression 3d flexibles et portables.

printed textiles Designer Bradley Rothenberg debuts a series of printed textiles in collaboration with designers Katie Gallagher and Katya Leonovich


After designer Jake Evills broke his arm, he created the Cortex Cast as a solution. A breathable, light, recyclable and washable exoskeleton that mimics the body’s inner bone structure. from Green Renaissance


from IPPINKA Nokia FIT: Cell Phone Concept Which Fits Onto Your Finger Talking on a cell phone was never as simple as holding your finger up to your ear.

Ha! - wow, I don't think we'll be issuing these futuristic gadgets in the Rex Birth Center this year, but kind of neat to imagine!  What do you think?

PreVue Pregnancy eTextile Device Lets Mothers See Their Baby Grow ~ Cool but. I am not sure if all those ultrasounds are good for the baby!

해외)그물망패턴의 깁스.기존 석고로 만들어 씻기도 불편하고 통풍도 안되 냄새와 청결을 포기해야했던 깁스와 달리 구멍이 커 통풍은 물론 씻을때도 걱정이 없다.

Printed Cast Lets You Scratch And Wash. If you've ever had a broken bone you'll know. I hear things.

Concept: 3D-geprinte sportschoen laat je sneller rennen

We believe footwear will be crafted with our individual anatomy and biomechanics as the foundation. The DNA concept leverages rapid manufacturing to create a shoe built not only to your foot contours, but also to how you move. By pairing data acquisitio…

Pensar Studios es una de las primeras empresas que están avanzando tecnológicamente en un terreno que no esperarías: el mundo del calzado. Resulta que esta c

Introducing DNA Printed Shoe System from Pensar Development, this project aims to design and create footwear based on individual anatomy and biomehanics. Maybe something for Printer Chat?

Sentir parlare di avvento di una terza rivoluzione industriale non è una novità. Ben più difficile, però, è tradurre l’impatto della personal fabrication con l’orizzonte del nostro futuro quotidiano. Siamo tornati a scuola per capire, in concreto, come si va delineando il cosiddetto passaggio “dai bit agli atomi”.

Printed casts for fractured bones could replace the usual bulky, itchy and smelly plaster or fibreglass ones in this conceptual project by Victoria University of Wellington graduate Jake Evill.

i-limb Ultra arm prosthesis from Touch Bionics

i-limb Ultra arm prosthesis from Touch Bionics grate this cold be built to get a soldger back in the fight .

Prefabricated Carbon Fiber KAFO .... Must order a Thigh Component, AFO Component, and a Knee Joint to receive a complete KAFO ... Suggested code (KAFO): L2036, L2820, L2755

Must order a Thigh Component, AFO Component, and a Knee Joint to receive a complete KAFO . Suggested code (KAFO):

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10 Amazing 3D-Printed Objects

and for all of you other experts out there just in case the need should arise the printed cast, you can scratch, wash, and have free air flow - the cast of the future - never be miserable in a cast again - well almost.

Bort SellaDur Thumb Arthritis Treatment Splint

Completely Heal Any Type Of Arthritis - Arthritis Remedies Hands Natural Cures - Bort SellaDur Thumb Arthritis Treatment Splint - Arthritis Remedies Hands Natural Cures Completely Heal Any Type Of Arthritis -

Tension 1 Orthopedic Arm

Marina Scheinberg& wrist orthosis interacts with areas of tension surrounding the arm and wrist for use in cases of lesion-induced immobilization as well as post-op recovery,