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by *Emmy Lee* on flickr

Life with a Pet Fawn – Beautiful Portraits of a Girl and Her Baby Deer (*Emmy*Lee)

Great reminder! (And a bit of a guilt trip...)

17 Things Girls Need from their Mothers I love this! I'm reading it with my 5 month old daughter asleep in my arms and am tearing up. I love being her mom and look forward to all the memories ahead. These are good things to remember as she grows up.

"And we'll watch the lights twinkle and glow and we'll know, oh we'll know"

Laughter is the fireworks of the soul. Share Happiness and laughter with others. Add that spark to someone's life.

Joy Sessions are heartbreakingly beautiful portraits of terminally ill or elderly pets, who soon after the photos are taken, pass away

Minnesota-based photographer Sarah Ernhart is the creator of the "Joy Session,'' a photo shoot capturing the bond between owners and their terminally ill pets.

Quiero una lechuzaaaaa:(

I like owls. They have big eyes, glowing eyes, like me. Their feathers are the same color as my hair. Everyone calls me "Owl Girl". Maybe it's because I look like one- maybe it's because I carry one around all the time.

Lissy Elle

Writing Prompt: The little girl didn't need to know where the ladder led, she simply climbed.if you watch Doctor Who.you know were the ladder leads :}

Three deer glade.

Silhouettes are amazing, and I love the three deer (three is a magical number). I also love the light rays making it look early in the morning and giving the dusky feeling. Making the picture black and white was a good choice.