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AHORA TODO CUADRA!...Bueno, ahora todo triangula(?

Stefan, Damon and Elena love triangle - The Vampire Diaires

'The Vampire Diaries' bloodlines: Get to know the complicated family tree with our infographic - Zap2it | News & Features

Get to know 'The Vampire Diaries' family tree/bloodlines with handy infographic Nickles Nickles Valk Chuah CW

and she got pregnant?

Caroline is a vampire so is katherine so is elena but if you watch tvd you know vampires can't procreat and klaus is an original hybrid ORIGINAL so anything is possible with him I'm a true tvd fan😜✌

The Vampire Diaries (@tvdsedits) na Instagramu: „TVD characters eyes • Ic:@tvdfridays Well this took forever to find the screencaps and it looks bad…“

The Vampire Diaries- TVD characters eyes

The Life and Plot Twists of Jeremy Gilbert...until he's a living person again in S5 and hopefully for all of S6, but that might be asking just a bit much of tvd....:

The Life and Plot Twists of Jeremy Gilbert

The Life and Plot Twists of Jeremy Gilbert.until he's a living person again in and hopefully for all of but that might be asking just a bit much of tvd.really the most tragic life

de l'humain au monstre

The Vampire Diaries, The Originals "All monsters are human.

Questions #vampdiaries

TVD 100 episodes trivia I love Paul so much omg Paul or Ian?

All these people love someone different and then there is Klaus who loves himself

Klaus, Klaus, Klaus, and Klaus Yass Elena and Elijah sorry I love that ship haters gonna hate

Hahah. It is sad when rebekah cries though. She was the main character in my favourite tv programme when i was little. Shes one of my favourite actresses now.

Ian Somerhalder - lol so true

Nina Dobrev y la despedida de TVD en fotos - Otros Artistas

Actress Nina Dobrev has been counting down to her final episode of “The Vampire Diaries” with a series of emotional

I love The Vampire Diaries

Problems of A Vampire Diaries Addict aka me

This is our king. Joseph Morgan | Niklaus Mikaelson | The Originals

hura. on

Joseph Morgan- Niklaus Mikaelson I love Klaus! Klaus is one of the best villains ever!

It's scary how our dark side can take over the good side we all have."

assustador como o nosso lado escuro pode assumir o lado bom que todos nós temos.

Significado de lo que dice en la parte de abajo mirando a Elena, Rebekah y Damon llorando

Ian Somerhalder - lol so true


The Vampire Diaries Bonnie,Enzo,Damon & Stefan xD