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never have I hated these moments more than brustlesprouts, which is pretty crap.

2008 American swimmer Michael Phelps out-touches Serbian swimmer Milorad Cavic by seconds at the finish of the butterfly final. It was the seventh of Phelps' record eight golds during the Olympics.

I think I would freak if someone did this for me ahhhh imagine seeing this at the wall like eeek:)

For the swimmers! This boy asked this girl to the prom by putting a sign in the pool during the last lap of the 500 meters at her swim meet. Exactly how i want to be asked to prom!

funny please shower before entering the pool ain't nobody got time for that meme

And to top it all off, those annoying little kids at the pool think in their heads, "Ain't nobody got time for dat!" Then they go and pee in the pool.

club meets....death...

27 Struggles Only A Swimmer Can Understand

Every swimmer for themselves! Scariest part of swimming right here. So true.

This is very true... I HATE the rope, with a burning passion!

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