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As Fate Has It (Creepypasta Jeff the killer x reader)

Wow. Eyeless jack. Ok wouldn't it be weird to kiss him 0-0

I wanna draw creepypastas but I suck at drawing can anyone help me find some books that I can learn to draw?

slenderman - 厌世。I don't know what is says!! Someone please translate!!

Creepypasta X Jeff The Killer Creepypasta X Eyeless Jack Creepypasta X Slenderman Japanese Horror Stories X Hachishakusama Japanese Horror Stories X Kuchisake Onna

Family Matters by MikaelBratLoni.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

At first, this comic was meant to be part of the series, "Jeff the Killer and Laughing Jack comics", though Sally in it seemed more of a different category. An idea I had while seeing my Step Dad w.

Jeff The Killer and Laughing Jack

This comic was really fun to draw. x) Too hilarious in my point of view! Jeff The Killer and Laughing Jack-Comic 17

U want some pastas?

(Marble Hornets, Slender-verse and Creepypasta is not related each other in anyway in this picture) Slenderman © Masky & Hoody © Marble Ho.