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#wattpad #romance Podra ser que nos enamoremos de nuestros nineros?

Enamoradas de nuestros NINEROS!?(Ppgz x Rrbz) - NINEROS!

I love Fem Brick here, she's all tsundere to Male Blossom! Brick & Blossom (c) CMcC Art (c) MisterZei Blossick Genderbend

Popular Young Cartoon Characters Reimagined as Adults - Power Puff Girls

Popular Young Cartoon Characters Reimagined as Adults

Popular Young Cartoon Characters Reimagined as Adults — Powerpuff Girls - GeekTyrant

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY WISHES!! I’m drawing the PowerPuff Girls for this week’s episode! I️ had this idea around Halloween and still really wanted to ...

PPG Witches Sketch by rossdraws, Power Puff Girls Fan Art, Cute Anime, Inspirational Art

actually this is a point-commission for her: she asked me for a romantic drawing about Kaoru and Butch XD actually I'm not very creative with drawings of couples and romantics things ... but after ...

I remembered the anime and finally decided to watch. It's so cute and funny, better than i thought. I'll probably draw PPGZ and RRBZ a lot for a while. PowerPuff Girls Z - Kiss

bleedman: powerpuff girls doujinshi recap 1

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I almost ignored the reasonableness of the length of his hair,but I DON'T CARE~~~LALALABABABABAyyyyyy Anyway,there will be others in the future   

Just a mini comic, you guys decide to what they're saying. haha~ Blossom & Brick (c) Craig McCracken