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Resultado de imagen para muffet underfell

Resultado de imagen para muffet underfell

sharktunarts - Frisk and Toriel - comic

Yeah I was wondering how smol child frisk survived such a huge fcking fall.


DanceTale (+ nice joke about using balet clothes as sunflower petals 😂)

Chill Out by Astori-a on DeviantArt

Oooooh no. Time to fear the kindest being in the entire multiverse

undertale, papyrus, undyne

I am so thankful that no one ships papyrus and Undyne<< This is where you're wrong. I ship Papyrus X Undyne.

¡Pelea conmigo!~~~~~~~~~~~~~¡PELEA CONMIGO!~~~~~~~~~~~~~¡¡PELEA CONMIGO!!

Traducción De Cómics De Undertale - FIGHT ME!

Undyne doesn't fight Papyrus because she is afraid of what Sans will do to her if she hurts him

Resultado de imagem para undertale tumblr

Alphys and frisk eating instant cup noodles