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Father Takes Heartwarming Photos Of His Children And Their Animals In Rustic Village In Poland

Children family photography rural by Sebastian Łuczywo [Father Takes Heartwarming Photos Of His Children And Their Animals In Rustic Village In Poland]


In his Urban Melodies series, photographer Alessio Trerotoli combines multiple exposures of cityscape scenes to create ghostly images that look like impressionist paintings.


Untitled by photographer Elena Shumilova. Russian mother takes magical pictures of her two kids with animals on her farm.


Photo Portrait

Asperatus Clouds

A new cloud on the horizon

"undulatus asperatus" cloud formation over Schiehallion, Perthshire, Scotland. By Ken Prior.

by Sebastian Luczywo

new time by Sebastian Luczywo on - Time is straight whilst he is holding it crooked - "Time is absolute"

I'm going to assume she's just had mushrooms and hopefully lives on the main floor.

Since the first camera, photographers have been turning the lens on themselves. Alicia Savage’s Imagined series features surreal self portraits that explore her own emotions. Surreal Self Portraits: A.

A virtual walk in the wood....where I would like to be at the moment.

I didn't understand why everyone was so silly about walking in this woods. A path was already there and it was pretty! Later I learned the path ended and I was lost.

these trees are the work of a socially-driven art project started by australian artist konstantin dimopoulos, most recently exhibited in vancouver, british columbia, canada. dimopoulos and a team of volunteers use a water-based pigment to turn the trees “ultramarine blue,” according to a statement from seattle-based 4culture. the goal: to inspire awareness about global deforestation. the next city to receive painted trees will be seattle, washington.

Why trees are turning blue in Seattle

35 million acres of trees are cut down every year. Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos paints trees blue using environmentally safe pigment to bring attention to this issue. Click image for more info.