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Geoff McFetridge

Beautiful minimal Illustrations is the work of artist geoff mcfetridge. Painting has been a part of his art making since

Great design to use with MagScapes magnetic wallpaper and magnets. Diptyque pattern | Paperblog [Original post in French]

Les beaux motifs de Diptyque chez Papier Tigre


Lemons saturation exaggerated significantly which creates a surreal illustration. Pink background defines the lemons further.

Cet motif signé Nina Warmerdam incorpore des points parfaits dans des points parfaits plus grands. Intéressant!

Part of the IMPRINT project by NINA WARMERDAM."For the IMPRINT project I create a new pattern every 48 hours.

Image result for REbecca Atwood Living with Pattern

Image result for REbecca Atwood Living with Pattern