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Lucy : "I wonder who lived here?" Susan : "I think we did." (Susan picks up a gold chess set) Edmund: " Hey that's my chess piece from my set!" Peter: " Which chess set? Edmund: "I didn't exactly have a solid gold chess piece in Finchley did I?

To be honest, I don't understand why people ship Edmund and Jill, but the last part is kinda true!

haha love this part in the movie... Edmund is my second-favorite (next to Eustace)!!!

haha love this part in the movie. Edmund is my second-favorite guy in Narnia next to Peter but no movie poster Peter book Peter. But my over all favorite character is Lucy.

I love the relationship between Peter and Lucy. Hehe Peter is so protective

I loved this art of the movie! The brotherly protectiveness is just awesome!

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Officialy my biggest fictional character crush EVER!! <3

Think of all the wonderful things you did Peter you helped save Narnia multiple times