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ヨシキモノ(YOSHIKIMONO)FIRSTコレクション Gallery35

ヨシキモノ(YOSHIKIMONO)FIRSTコレクション Gallery37

今&吉田銀座カフェー1926 cafe waitresses' in 1926, Japan

Uniform of waitresses at the cafe in from the Report of Ginza Fashion Survey, 1926 Kon Wajiro and Kenkichi Yoshida.


a Japanese wooden shoe with a thong to pass between the first (big) toe and the second toe.

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The new but old style of Kimono Hime is making its way back into Japanese Fashion. Have you seen photos of Kimono Hime creeping its way back into your fashion

着物の種類がうっすら分かったような感じになるほわっとした解説 [8]

着物の種類がうっすら分かったような感じになるほわっとした解説 [8]