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Thorbjorn Egner

Thorbjorn Egner

Norway Stamp

Norway Stamp

*** *** *** I'm stampolina and I love to take photos of stamps. Thanks for visiting this pages on flickr.  I'm neither a typical collector of stamps, nor a stamp dealer. I'm only a stamp photograph. I'm fascinated of the fine close-up structures which are hidden in this small stamp-pictures. Please don't ask of the worth of these stamps - the most ones have a worth of a few cents or still less.   By the way,  I wanna say thank you to all flickr users who have sent me stamps! Great! Thank…

Norway Norwegen sellos timbre Noreg selo Norge francobollo Norvegia марка Норвегия Nuówēi stamp timbre stars of film hollywood


Abjornsen and Moe, they did for Norwegian fairytales, what the Grimm brothers did for the German tales.

Norway Stamp

Norway Stamp

C.E.P.T.- Folklore

C.E.P.T.- Folklore

What FISH stamps do you have??? - Stamp Community Forum - Page 15

What FISH stamps do you have? - Stamp Community Forum - Page 15

Sello: Pilot (Noruega) (London stamps) Mi:NO 279,Sn:NO 262,Yt:NO 264,AFA:NO 313

Sello: Pilot (Noruega) (London stamps) Mi:NO 313

Ole Jacob Broch: http://d-b-z.de/web/2014/02/05/ole-jacob-broch-meterkonvention-briefmarken/

Sello: Ole Jacob Broch mathematician, physicist, econom (Noruega) (Currency and metric convention) Mi:NO 718

Peter Andreas Munch: http://d-b-z.de/web/2013/05/25/geschichte-des-norwegischen-volkes-briefmarken/

Sello: Bicentenary of Birth of P. Munch (Noruega) (People) Mi:NO 1707

Norway 45ø air mail 1927 (first printing) [Mi:136 I]

Norway air mail 1927 (first printing) I]

Norway stamp

Bilderesultat for postage stamps norway