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I love cartoonish stuff

Fireworks Dragon--can I have one of these instead of sparklers this year? [Happy by Heather Gross]

Beautiful Illustrations by Qing Han http://www.cruzine.com/2013/05/27/beautiful-illustrations-qing-han/

First thing I thought is "why is the fish spitting on the cats head" and then I replied to myself "because art" YAY ART

Petit dinosaure

a wallpaper version based on bronto dino .painting in lots of soft& clouds was quite fun ( also seem to fit better for a wallpaper material hmm ). c: *PRINT - LINK *MUGS - LINK .

Bunny mommy

i haz bunnies by Heather - Heather - CGHUB I love this so much. If I didn't have gorgeous grandsons I might use it as my screen saver.

Steps: www.furaffinity.net/view/16742… Experimental commission for Ełlina KunickaiaGlich pp.vk.me/c625727/v625727617/32…;Ełlina Kunickaia Art © Alai...

Experimental commission for Ełlina KunickaiaGlich Kunickaia Art © Alai.

"Banana Dino" by artist Rihards Donskis

EDIT: all calendars are printed for the year Mini Dinos calendar featuring 12 mini dino artworks from the year ( calendar dimensions (inches) aka (cm) ) Click &.

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Got a few requests for prints and compilation posts of these guys, so here is the first set! by Heather Gross