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Instructions--> Metu Neter style

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics, This was not only Egyptian art but also how they communicated through there art.

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Inside the royal tomb of Pharaoh Ramesses IV B.Tomb at the Valley of the Kings.It has been open since antiquity and contains a large amount of graffiti.

Painted limestone relief of a royal couple in the Amarna style. Some experts believe they portray Smenkhkare and Meritaten. This claim is tenuous at best because of the gait, and more importantly, the walking stick that we have come to associate with Tutankhamun is not a part of the iconography of any other individual from this period. Neues Museum, Berlin.

The Hunt for Ankhesenamun: A Murderess, Vixen or Helpless Child in this Ancient Egyptian Soap Opera?

Dendera Temple, Dendera, Qena, Egypt

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Ay--18th Dynasty.  Ay was the successor of Tutankhamen, who died ca.1323 B.C.E. Ay was followed by Horemheb, the last Pharaoh of the Amarna Period.

All over Africa,Leopard skin are a sign of royal Priesthood and divine kingship.That is why In ancient egypt Leopard skins was worn by priests and Pharaohs. Pre-dynastic or Old Kingdom.

Tomb of Sennefer TT96  (Tomb of Vines), Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, Egypt, 18th dynasty, reign of Amenhotep II, c. 1410 BC.

*EGYPT ~ Egyptian wall painting – Sennefer seated with wife. Tomb Of Vines – Thebes , Egypt

Isis and Horus, Temple of Philae Pylon, Egypt

Isis and Horus, Temple of Philae (Philae is an island in Lake of Nasser. It was formerly an island in the First Cataract of the Nile River and the previous site of an Ancient Egyptian temple complex in south) Pylon, Egypt