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nixxie-fic: “ New Edit - Sherlock in a blue alleyway - in ‘A Study in Pink’ - from the new pic I posted here (x) ”

.. "The Six Thatchers" ..

"The Six Thatchers" .

Шерлок Холмс

I love it when Sherlock gets pleased. It's usually for terrible reasons - kidnapping, forgery, murder most foul.but he's just so HAPPY about it.

|Segunda parte de "Human Error."|   ❝Con ella no aprendí a creer en e… #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

Trouble I'm In.

Last frame of the gif, his eye is two different colors <---yeah Ben has Central Heterochromia

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"You look sad when you know he can't see you." Sherlock Holmes betrayed his brother, drugged his parents, killed a man, and almost got himself killed, all for the happiness of John Watson.

Benedict Cumberbatch (@cumber_fanpage) • Fotos y videos de Instagram

Benedict Cumberbatch (@cumber_fanpage) • Fotos y videos de Instagram

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this promo photo is just weirdly awesome. I love how John is so short, see, short people can be awesomely amazing too guys! And dangerous, so never underestimate us short guys. Thank you John Watson.

That look he gave Irene here.. I knew he was hooked for sure☺♥

In character as Ben is still stunning This is the face of a man who says "I'm Not Gorgeous" Ben . yes you are

Benedict Cumberbatch. I don't know the code, I don't know it!

Sherlock's face when Neilson (Head American CIA-trained killer) told Irene to shut up or he'd decorate that wall with the insides of her head. Sherlock fell, and was protective of her from the start. You don't want to mess with the people Sherlock loves.