Yin y yang de jamón y aceituna

Thick slices of Pork Product, festooned with Sliced Pimento and Stuffed Olives, suspended in Gelatine and served with a tall glass of Dab Beer!

wow - check out the color of that ham spread.... wait, forget that, check out that half-and-half deviled egg!

Vintage Food: Spam advertisement - Spam Spread goes great with cheese, eggs, mayonnaise. and kids!

It's CRAZY...but it's actually pretty good!!!

10 Terrifying Vintage Hellmanns Mayonnaise Recipes (PHOTOS) Peanutbutter and mayonnaise?

Jell-O Jello recipe book from early 1900s

Jell-O Jello recipe book from early This has been around for a long time and Tupperware makes it a lot easier!

Layer-Pak Canned Vegetables -- 1948

Layer-Pak Canned Vegetables — 1948

Ham and Jelly, Together at Last  (click thru for analysis)

Glorify Plain Foods With Underwood Deviled Ham How about a deviled ham and jelly sandwich in hubby's lunchbox?

Molded Pork Loaf (Family Circle Illustrated Library of Cooking,Volume 13, 1972)

Molded Pork Loaf -- At least this has a symmetrical, patchwork square look.

Fish heads n Jello | by bluwmongoose

Weird Jello O flavors of the Sixties Mixed Vegetable Celery Seasoned Tomato & Italian Salad Yikes

Folks who want to lose weight in the 50s eat this.. You probably wouldn't eat it.. Hence the weight loss!

Strawberry Cottage Cheese Mold by Knox. Is that broccoli as a garnish? I can't imagine a broccoli, cottage cheese, and strawberry combination.

Snacks & Sandwiches (The Good Cook Techniques & Recipes Series) by Time-Life Books Editors

Snacks & Sandwiches (The Good Cook Techniques & Recipes Series): Time-Life Books