love this idea. random blocks of color on a small sketchbook and then you just get creative from there.

Art summer project: get a sketchbook. make random color splotches. make things from random splotches.

Dancing in the Woods FEODORA (1947)
Jan Goeting

Dancing in the Woods FEODORA Jan Goeting Who doesn't need a good dance in the woods? Especially in retro colors.

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face in the crowd

An entry from Spires and Gargoyles

Triangle city

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Arthur the Ant Art Print

Arthur the Ant Art Print

Designed by Anna Bond for iconic brand, Rifle Paper Co.

love the painterly graphics

designed by Caroline Corrigan; The complete poster is composed of only hand-written type in different styles/fonts which approaches the viewer in a warm and friendly way.

London Illustration Fair

Head down to the London Illustration Fair this weekend for some artistic (and affordable) Christmas presents.