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Lyrid Meteor Shower Over Tucson, Ariz.  April 21, 2013

Lyrid Meteor Shower Over Tucson, Ariz. >>>> Astrophotographer Sean Parker captured this panorama showing two Lyrid meteors over the Catalina Mountains just outside Tucson, Ariz., on April


Near Chichen Itza - Went to this gorge on our Mexico trip. SO fun yet SO scary

Amalfi - Italia

Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy One of my most favorite places I've visited. It truly is this beautiful!

13 Hobbit Houses. You Won’t Believe That People Actually Live In.. 9. Iranian Troglodyte Homes

13 Hobbit Houses. You Won't Believe That People Actually Live In.

La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain. Have you been? http://www.ytravelblog.com/travel-pinspiration-places-in-barcelona/

A Local Insiders Guide on Things to Do in Barcelona, Spain

La Rambla: The most colorful street in with open-air markets, historic cafes and people dressed as statues! Don& miss this walk, which ends at a beautiful pier.

Ice cave exploring, Vatnajökull Ice Cap, Iceland by Joanne Daviault | by ingoval

An Ice cave in Vatnajökull ice cap, southern Iceland. Vatnajökull is the largest ice cap in Europe, around km³ constanly changing it's formation. The texture on the "floor" is snow mixed with volcanic ash from Grímsvötn, last erupting May

Wow this is amazing! Take a boat tour & get dropped off at Land's End.

Cabo san Lucas Mexico near the famous Lover's Beach.many hidden beaches.some have to be reached by boat.I wanna go to Cabo

Le mont Everest, dans l’Himalaya8 848 mètres. L’Everest détient le record incontesté du sommet le plus haut à la surface de la planète Terre. Réservée aux alpinistes les plus expérimentés, l’ascension de cette montagne située entre Népal et Tibet demande une excellente préparation et une très bonne connaissance de la haute montagne. Les Sherpas, ces grimpeurs indigènes habitués aux pentes raides de l’Himalaya, sont les compagnons indispensables des étrangers qui se lancent à l’assaut de…

Les plus beaux sommets du monde

Everest - Buddhists believe a goddess lives in the mountain and she decides who summits, who doesn't, who makes it down safely, and who doesn't. She doesn't take kindly to big egos or those who try to "conquer" her. Humble respect always.


Whoever thinks that underworld is an extremely scary place to go, has never visited these majestic & glittering caves ever! They were created over thousands or millions of years ago.