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"On the bright side, we both outrank you Octavian. So we can both tell you to shut up." *fist bump* Haha, Jason and Percy, bromance

Crossover - Fullmetal Alchemist & Heroes of Olympus

My art crossover edward elric Winry Rockbell FMA Fullmetal Alchemist Leo Valdez HoO heroes of olumpus fmaxhoo

Poor Leo...

Leo’s legs trembled. The way Percy had looked at him made him feel the same as when Jason summoned lightning. Leo’s skin tingled, and every instinct in his body screamed.

"You look like you're going to be sick.".

Percabeth in the Titan's curse when Percy thought Annabeth was gonna be a Hunter of Artemis but she said no for Percy

Leo Valdez and Nico di Angelo... I have no Idea what this is about... But it's still cool.

My art percy jackson The Heroes of Olympus Leo Valdez Nico di Angelo HoO

Oh, Percy.

jason and it (burdge bug)


When Rachel and Leo meet. Man, that's gonna be a major sass fight

Nico and Percy I remember this scene

by viria: Nico glanced inside my room. His eyebrows furrowed. “Is that… Is that blue birthday cake?” He sounded hungry, maybe a little wistful. I wondered if the poor kid had ever had a birthday party, or if he’d ever even been invited to one.

Festus as a girl. Perfect for Leo! Sooo cute

Leo Valdez and the Argo II in female/human form. (Doctor Who reference!

The last air bender and Leo

There is no way this Avatar/ Heroes of Olympus crossover could possibly go wrong.

Hazel Nico and Percy

viria: The boy regained his composure and held out his hand. ‘Pleased to meet you,’ he said. ‘I’m Nico di Angelo’. (c) The Son of Neptune! This part made me so mad! I'm just like just tell him u idiot!

Part 1 by viria

I don't support the Percico ship, but this was still pretty good. Heartbreaking, but good.

Baby man?

"I will trample you to death silly Chinese Canadian baby man!

Why? Just why does those ships exist? Except percabeth. They're meant to be

Jason and Percy took it to a whole new level. But I wonder what Annabeth said to make Percy blush -> NAUGHTY NAUGHTY NAUGHTY THINGS<---------- i love you so much pinning for last comment:<< hahaha that was funny

Leo • Nico

Percy Jackson One Shots

jason and percy looking sharp :) awe Jason's cross eyed! ^_^

Jason and Percy in suits! Who knew Percy looked so classy in a suit?