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Going to heaven hair....they are sitting on their fundaments.

Going to heaven hair.they are sitting on their fundaments.

Now that's just being greedy, Nancy.

Also featuring Jesus Wants Xtra Nacho Cheese Big Gulp By the River Chili-Cheese Fries for the Lord Another McRib for Mary,Joseph and Me Whopper Whopper Whopper and I Can Have Seconds, The Lord Says I Can.

StuffParty? Just what do you mean by that?  Your Wigs & Outfits aren’t noticeable or anything ……

Larz Kristerz: Stuffparty 1 -- I'm so glad I found their first album! But, I do have one question: How come the guy in the middle didn't have to wear a toupee?

Bientôt à rock en seine...

Devastatin Dave The Turntable Slave – ‘Zip Zap Rap’: this cover is so devastatingly bad it needs to be included.

The most awful, distasteful and creepy album covers of all times!

15 Creepiest Old Album Covers

ira North If I were a woman ~ Album Cover Art ! The Bad, The Funny The Worst

What the? Does her thing, all right. I think she's a weed grower/user. Green Thumb? Mary Jane? The Roach? Up, Up and Away? BTW, what's that on the plate?

Miller Does Her Thing rare 1968 LP outsider music novelty oddio G+

Kanihawaa -  Does this fez tassel make me look weird? Yes.

Kanihawaa - (Original title: I Dare You To Listen To This & Not Have A Nightmare!

Yet another five-person Gospel trio.

The Looper Trio. They had to choose between singing lessons or mathematics.

40 Worst Album Covers of All Time | Bored Panda

40 Worst Album Covers of All Time

15 Creepiest Old Album Covers (Worst Album Covers, Bad Album Covers, Awful Album Covers, Creppy Album Covers, Old Album Covers) - ODDEE

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