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* * KITTEN " Who wantz to goes first ands seez wut dat thing be over der. Or,,,, should we justs NOTS throw caution to de wind ?

What a gorgeous picture of a really cute kitten…..

Bengal Tiger Breath - 25th August 2014

* * " So wut if me breeds gypsy moths? Dat be serious biz-niz ands gives me a visual aura.

In memory of our cat Onyx. In March 2015, When she was three years old, she walked away one day and was never seen again!

[In memory of our cat Onyx. In March when she was 3 years old, she walked away one day and was never seen again!] ** This is why ear-chipping saves pets' lives.

серый кот That's an absolutely regal and beautiful cat.

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Stunning Colors - 25th November 2016

What a stunner! - Pixdaus

This looks like a Blue Russian. I had one about a hundred years ago. he would demand that you pet him, but only three times! then he would grab your hand in his teeth and hold it there before he got up and left.

OOPS!!! PARDON THE BURP................ccp

Is he sucking his thumb? My kitty Sophie sucks her toes all the time!