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 Pinterest Rian T

I saw the first one when Taylor posted it, and then Ed just made it even more perfect.


I about spewed my apple juice all over my laptop at " TAKE THE PRNDL". Like, I suddenly became Captain 'Murica with the "I understood that reference". So yeah. It's don't judge my crazy description. Or my apple juice.

so people keep making fun of me that im canadian and not american. i might be okay with that now. haha

Well played, Scherbatsky

And then he ate all of the bacon and got sick. HIMYM. Ted Mosbey, architect.

You're Telling Me Those Were All Lies? How I Met Your Mother. Ted and Marshall.

nash grier is a disgusting human being and so are his little cronies

Seriously, this is such a disgusting act of disrespect towards our lord and saviour Shrek