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Digital textbooks are poised to take over the higher learning landscape. Learn more about digital textbooks in this awesome infographic.

An infographic that presents statistical information on digital textbook sales and usage, as well as the future outlook of online textbooks.

E’ stato il 2011 l’anno dei social media? [INFOGRAFICA] 1/4: Facebook

E’ stato il 2011 l’anno dei social media? [INFOGRAFICA] 1/4: Facebook

Social Media Today brings together the news, trends and best practices around enterprise social and digital marketing. editorially independent website, we also host events, live and virtual, with the best thinkers about social and digital transformation.

Cost of living for #expats varies hugely around the world. The Cost of Living [Infographic] | Daily Infographic

The Cost of Living [Infographic] Check out the comparison cost of chips, coffee and cinema across the globe

Inforaphic: #SocialMedia monitoring tools.

Social Media Monitoring Tools - Features a collection of data from a survey conducted by oneforty that answers questions like "how much do people usually pay for SMM tools?" to "which SMM tool is best?

A comparison between the costs of traditional textbooks versus the cost of using tablets. (PE)

Apple is hoping to corner the lucrative textbook market with the ipad - interesting cost analysis infographic published in San Jose Mercury News

Valentines day by numbers #Infographic

Valentine Infographic

What We Can't Live Without - A Visual Guide to Modern Must-Haves #infographic #connected

Energy delivers services we consider essential every day. What We Cant Live Without: Modern Must-Haves

Alarm clocks are the gadgets people love to hate. We love the fact that they wake us up on time…yet we HATE the fact that they wake us up on time, too. Throughout our lives, each of us develops a unique disposition toward our alarm clock. Online Clock has scoured the data available on how people use their alarm clocks, in order to pose the question, “What O’Clock Are You – What’s Your Alarm Clock Personality?“.

No matter the type 5 or more hours.What Your Alarm Clock Personality Type Is - Infographics Showcase

Implement Social Technology & Processes Infographic

Mindful Living: Social technology = a more connected workplace = better productivity

40 years of ebooks

40 years of ebooks (infographic)


Investments in Education provide a multiplier effect, compounding the returns in other sectors; with more education comes increased health, economic growth and food security. USAID Infographic items-worth-checking-out

Unique Infographic Design, Famous British Cards From Film And Telly @parkchungi #Infographic #Design ()

6 Famous British Cars From Film & Telly