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This artist stages photographs of falls. The series is based on an actual strange fall that he took.

Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary is a cool series by Japanese photographer Natsumi Hayashi featuring self-portraits where she seems to be levitating or simply floating in mid-air. "Yowayowa Camera Woman looks as if she’s doing a slow, lyrical dance through the air. The more complicated — in some cases, dangerous — the pose appears, the less inclined a viewer will be to anticipate a landing. Ms. Hayashi holds her head high, averting her eyes from her landing point. She releases he...

The Floating Girl: Photos by Natsumi Hayashiara

Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary: Levitating Self-Portraits by Natsumi Hayashiara

Deus de cabeça, 1988 [Head of God]

Finding transcendence through the image: the work of Mario Cravo Neto

lucas simões

Dream The End is an online oasis for art and inspiration, featuring works from artists all over the world. Dream The End showcases fresh and cool ideas in music, art, video, and poetry.

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Chris Schoonover is an American fashion and portrait photographer living and working New York, NY.

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Photographer Georges Toumayan compares the decay and abandonment of urban environments in Michigan and Indiana with their rural counterparts.

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