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La sexualidad en el cristianismo y el Islam - paginasarabes

Benjamin-Constant: "Les Nuits arabes", (Arabian Nights), oil on canvas, Dimensions: × 35 in × cm), Private collection.

Woman before the luna - Joan Miro 1974   ♥ Reputation Line Inc. NY - Branding 4 Fashion

Femme devant la lune II (Woman in Front of the Moon II) April 1974 Acrylic on canvas x 174 cm / 106 x 68 Joan Miró (April 1893 – December was a Spanish painter, sculptor, and ceramicist born in Barcelona.

Leonardo Da Vinci, Drapery for a seated figure 1470 • love it

"Garment study for a seated figure" Leonardo Da Vinci.want to do a fabric study this year. Like I saw at SCAD Forum.

عامل النحاس - مصلح او مبيض النحاس بالقاهره 1884  للفنان النمساوي - شارلز ويلدا A Coppersmith, Cairo , 1884 by Charles Wilda - Austrian, 1854-1907 Oil painting  Egypt - Old Cairo Paintings

A Coppersmith, Cairo , 1884 by Charles Wilda - Austrian,


Frederick Arthur Bridgman (November 1847 – January was an American artist known for his paintings “Orientalist” subjects.

John Singer Sargent 1856-1925 Verenigde Staten

John Singer Sargent Landscape with Two Children graphite and watercolour on paper Private Collection

Jean_Léon_Gérôme_-_The_Tryst_(interior).jpg (350×600)

Jean_Léon_Gérôme_-_The_Tryst_(interior).jpg Algrian woman from Algiers

Lebrun, Guillaume Charles (1825-1908) - The Love Token

Charles Lebrun Guillaume The Love Token « Charles Lebrun « Artists « Art might - just art

The Philosopher (1905) by Ludwig Deutsch (Vienna, 1855 - Paris, 1935) Austrian born Orientalist painter who settled in Paris.

'The Philosopher' by Ludwig Deutsch The Shafik Gabr Collection, Selected Paintings

Leaving imagination fly, while we perform our dreams. *Dejando volar la imaginación, mientras realizamos nuestros sueños.

Rêverie, Oil On Canvas by Frederick Arthur Bridgman United States)