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Jeux de Fras – Sara Landeira, Designpolitie

Jeux de Fras

Jeux de Fras – Sara Landeira, Designpolitie

Marek Mosinski. 1972. Poster for “Infanzia, vocazione e primo esperienze di Giacomo Casanova, veneziano”

The Legacy Of Polish Posters

Exotic Art, Spirit, Passion, Lady, Image

La Ciudad en Viñetas. Septiembre 2015. - Cristina Daura

Cristina Daura’s baffling comic stars a little boy she describes as a “tyrant bastard”.

From Webuyyourkids's Sonny Day and Biddy Maroney, commercial illustrators from Sydney, Australia. Very Roman Cieślewicz and his contributions to Ty i Ja magazine.

WeBuyYourKids illo for Nautilus artilce "The Disappearing Physicist and His Elusive Particle He ushered symmetry into theoretical physics, then vanished without a trace.

Embroidered-ok im art-y and an xray tech but idk about this cool or wierd...

Embroidered Art

Embroidered-ok im art-y and an xray tech but idk about this cool or wierd...

LA artist Tristan Eaton has been busy, in February he was painting a sci-fi anime inspired mural on a three-story building during the festival POW! WOW! Hawaii. In March, he used up to 500 spray cans (with the help of four assistants) to illustrate a piece in honor of Alexander Bell on a former tele

Graffiti artist Tristan Eaton

Tristan Eaton - Pow Wow Hawaii (HI). Tristan was invited to participate in the Pow Wow Hawaii mural festival on Honolulu. Tristan created a 3 story mural inspired by the Japanese anime cartoon Neo GenesisEvangalion.

Polly Borland - SHOWstudio - The Home of Fashion Film

I love Polly Borland. My new friend and fellow Hollywood transplant. She is an amazing artist and I was thrilled when she agreed to collaborate with me for "Selling Sex" SHOWstudio's Fetish Film series.