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I found this to be an amazing photo

Photographer Lassi Rautiainen recently captured the profound partnership between a she-wolf and a brown bear in the wilds of northern Finland. For days, he witnessed the strange pair meet every evening to share food after a hard day of hunting. No one kno

Colugos are also called flying lemur. However, there are not closely related to the true lemur, which are found in Madagascar. Flying lemurs are classified in the order Dermoptera, from the Greek words derma, meaning "skin", and the ptera, meaning "wing", thus "skin-wing". These creatures have membranes that connect their legs and tail, enable them to glide from one tree to the other. There are 2 species of colugo in the world; the Malayan Flying Lemur and the Philippine Flying Lemur.

Colugos are also called flying lemur. However, there are not closely related to…

misterlemonzest: sixpenceee: A cheetah nursing...

зверье мое

Funny pictures about Cheetah Nursing Her Cubs In The Rain. Oh, and cool pics about Cheetah Nursing Her Cubs In The Rain. Also, Cheetah Nursing Her Cubs In The Rain photos.

Highland Stag by Malcolm Murray. The celebrated 'Monarch of the Glen', the wild red deer stag is a Scottish icon. This species, the largest land mammal in Britain, is widespread throughout Scotland. (photo by Malcolm Murray)


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Beautiful Pic Tortuga sentada

Tortoise 100 years old - he looks like an old man sitting on the curb. What a wise, beautiful soul! I LOVE TORTOISES!

A real-life dragon has been discovered! While participating in a herpetology study we stumbled across this female laying eggs in a nest. She was found in the Lambusango Forest reserve and was immediately released after this photograph was taken. #Sprint #SprintSpark #SprintFaster

Draco Volans ~ Tiny dragon discovered in Indonesia. God is awesome! Dragons are real, created when God created the Earth, a little over years ago. Dragon is also mentioned 35 times in the KJV! We have a big God people!

Crosswind by Delfino  A bald eagle fighting crosswinds in an attempt to land.  Dovrefjell National Park Norway 2010.

~~Crosswind ~ Austrian Bald Eagle by Sitzwohl Bernhard~~ this photo is awesome

The original Black Swan.

black swan The inspiration for my thigh piece in the cameo. Swans mate for life and some even die of a broken heart when they lose their partner. Black for Brian, white for me.

"Read my lips ... I didn't eat it ...I SWEAR I didn't!!! ;)"     LOL Oh what a face....hahahaha! Turtles ....Vegan Love

"*Galapagos Tortoise* - Puerto Ayora, Galapagos, Ecuador" [Photographer Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART - July 29 I the paradise we will finally live longer than these guys

Living Fossil Frog Found

Hula painted frog (Discoglossus nigriventer) rediscovered after being declared extinct. It is endemic to the Lake Hula marshes in Israel.