Loch Duich, Highland, Scotland  (c) Ian Cameron

Green Cobbled Gold : Loch Duich, Highland, Scotland : Photography of Ian Cameron

UK: We head to Northern Scotland to explore the rugged Highlands and Orkney Islands—and find ourselves captivated by its magic.

Beyond Glasgow: Exploring Scotland’s Highlands and Islands

Rob Howard Loch Beannacharain, on the road to the remote Highland town of Scardroy, is where locals fly-fish for brown trout and salmon.

Loch Fada Isle of Skye Scotland

Loch Fada, Isle of Skye, Inner Hebrides, Scotland

Tears Of The Sky - Scotland

River Beauly One of the earlier shots of the evening. More from that night: Rainy Daze Blame It On The Rain Another Day Tears Of The Sky

Dunvegan- place this MacLeod girl must go!  Katherine MacLeod Brogoitti.    ....as well as Italy. :)

Dunvegan Castle, Isle of Skye, Scotland. -- The gaelic name for Skye ilsland is Eilan a Cheo (Isle of Mist = île de la brume).

Isle of Skye, Scotland

A beautiful picture of the Isle of Skye. Birthplace of Clan MacKinnon. landscapelifescape: “ Isle of Skye, Hebrides, Scotland Moonenbay (by scotweb) ”

Linlithgow Palace . Scotland A royal manor existed on the site in the 12th century.[1] This was replaced by a fortification known as 'the Peel', built in the 14th century by English forces under Edward I. The site of the manor made it an ideal military base for securing the supply routes between Edinburgh Castle and Stirling Castle. The English fort was begun in March 1302 under the supervision of two priests, Richard de Wynepol and Henry de Graundeston.

Had the amazing opportunity to visit this Palace last May after a disappointing and crowded visit to Stirling Castle. Truly was one of my most favorite excursions.

Scotland Highlands, I just want to get away for a long period of time. I need to reset

Scottish Highlands, I just want to get away for a long period of time. I need to reset in the place of my ancestors.

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