Pink Monochromatic Sceneries

Monochromatic is a color scheme based on different tones of the same color. This is a great pink monochromatic image.

Pink Monochromatic Sceneries

Pink Monochromatic Sceneries

anbenna • "The Spring Ladies Club" in Plastik Magazine

"The Spring Ladies Club" in Plastik Magazine. retro or bright is the thing this summer - I can totally see why.

Old Tat Magazine Issue 2 - Carolina Mizrahi

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Alice Laen in Joanna Pybus photographed by Saskia Lawson for Material Girl magazine, February Makeup by Athena Paginton using Bobbi Brown cosmetics. Hair by Samuel Foster.

TK; Girly Pink!

Adapt this idea of colour-on-colour; if we go for the idea of different colours on our mannequin we could put them against different backdrops of the same colour (ie: blue clothes against a blue backdrop etc) Imogen Poots / Bullet Magazine

Pink donut queen.

She's holding those donuts, but I would use plastic donuts and cheap sunglass frames to make 'donut glasses' Would take some engineering.

inflatable pineapple pool float on pink background

Pineapple float

It's a Pineapple Float! more like pineapple cancel all your plans, invite some friends over, serve up some drinks, turn on some tunes, and soak up

Pink ladies #pink #color

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