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by this is my favorite Zonic and Scourge picture!


You Jelly? by thegreatrouge For Anyone That Don't Get It : Jelly Means JeaLouse

que gabnas tiene amy de decir GORDOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by AimyNeko I think Shadow gained weight from moping around too often. That belly though.

✪ Blaze, Silver, Shadow, Tails, Sonic

✪ Blaze, Silver, Shadow, Tails, Sonic

Shadow the role model by Nameless0404

I always imagin how it would be if eclipse grow up with shadow Also this brother-relationship would be very sweet =///=

COMMISSION: Just smile! by Auroblaze on DeviantArt

Poor Metal,he's trying his best A short comic featuring Shadow and Metal Sonic spending some time together for dear ! COMMISSION: Just smile!