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food-wine-pairing-chart: Wine Pairing -A few helpful basic wine and food pairing guides for your reference:

How is Red Wine Made? An Infographic | Wine Folly - A VirtualBoard Blog for CEO's and Business Owners

Awesome illustrations by Jelle de Roeck on Wine Folley: " See how red wine is made with an easy-to-understand infographic. How is red wine made? Harvest grapes, smash them up and watch as yeast turns grape sugar into alcohol!" How is Red Wine Made?

The Guide To Ordering Wine. There should be no more stress in choosing a wine than there is in choosing your meal, but we know there often is. Of course, there’s no right or wrong. Ultimately, you can order whatever the hell you like, but if you’re looking to take charge and appear like you know what you’re doing while choosing something you and your friends will enjoy, Find a few good tips at: http://www.allaboutcuisines.com/interesting-articles/mofo-guide-to-ordering-wine # wine

The Mofo Guide To Ordering Wine

How To Choose The Right Bottle Of Wine Every Time [Infographic] - Business Insider

How do you pick your wine? What do you consider when you’re in the store or at a restaurant and you’re ready for that glass or bottle? There are a lot of things to consider: what goes well […]

Which Wine Should I Choose?

Wine and food pairings

Even though they have this board with the best Pairing Wine and Foods, I still like to drink what I like, a great red Get in. Get Wine. Get Social. Premium Wines delivered to your door. Get my FREE Mini Course on pairing wine and food.

Wine and Food Pairing Chart

Wine and Food Pairings

Wine and food pairings - Pinot Noir is the sluttiest Red - that's why it's my favorite!