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Natalya Balnova / Silk screened book design - Principles of Jelly Making

CHARLENE - inspo for your book of physical fads. (A Short History of Fysical Fads?) Natalya Balnova / Silk screened book design - Principles of Jelly Making

Beautiful Botanicals by Barbara Dziadosz - ArtisticMoods.com

Beautiful Botanicals by Barbara Dziadosz

There's something special about these beautiful, elegant illustrations by Hamburg based artist Barbara Dziadosz.

Mineral Admiration, a series of watercolor paintings by Karina Eibatova.

Mineral Admiration: Watercolor Paintings of Crystals by Karina Eibatova watercolor rocks posters and prints illustration geology

Illustration / Marina Muun | Design Graphique

Illustration / Marina Muun

Marina Munn was born in Bulgaria and is currently based in the UK. She's drawing and painting beautiful illustrations, mostly acrylic and digital.

Purple | Porpora | Pourpre | Morado | Lilla | 紫 | Roxo | Lavender | Lilac | Royal |

Monochromatic Marble surface pattern - black, white & grey, print pattern inspiration Pattern could be used for bed linen or as wallpaper

Постоянный посетитель ресторана Le Louis IX по прозвищу Карамелька составляет компанию клиенту, Париж, Франция, май 1988  Источник: https://www.adme.ru/tvorchestvo-fotografy/25-rannee-neopublikovannyh-fotografij-iz-arhivov-national-geographic-1194860/ © AdMe.ru

natgeofound: “ A regular at Le Louis IX in Paris, “Caramel” keeps a client company, May Photograph by James L.