Flower pressed in book., just put a person coming out of the book, just think about it

My eye roamed over the book Lillie gave me yesterday, I'm not much of a reader. I flipped through the book's pages, once I held it open my view came to a dried carnation flower I gave Lillie when we're little.

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A great read is encouraged when having breakfast. Nothing's more pleasant than nibbling on a piece of toast, with a hot cup of tea/coffee and a good read. I'm currently reading "On Liberty - Mills" (philosophy reading!

Hope to do this :) except with a bible :)

Me: "We were obsessed with books." C: "Oh, I read the entire Harry Potter series in a month." J: "I read the entire book in a day." Me: "Like I said. Obsessed with books.

Dried flower

Billy Kidd (American b. 1980 Panama City FL based Brooklyn NY USA) - From Decaying Flowers series Photography