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if that's a real thing, i will have it

"Dreamy": I like this picture because it has a cool twist on what we interpret a crescent moon to look like. I like all the different little lanterns and lights that make up the moon. It gives the moon an eerie feel to it, but also a calming feeling.

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Imagery for meditation

What is the soul? Some say it is the self, the “I” that inhabits the body; without the soul, the body is like a light-bulb with no electricity. But it is more than the engine of life, say others; it is what gives life meaning and purpose. Soul is the.

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Pin for people who need to vent xx

"Seeing fireflies, Luna gasped, 'Make a wish, Nico!' And they counted the glowing bodies floating above them, blinking on and off against the sky.

Missing You!!! Loving you!!!!!! Went to the graveside today. Missing you so... but loving you more. I love you my sweet girl!!!!  oxoxoxoxoxoxox times a million . ~mom

Beautiful heart and moon picture. I absolutely love this picture! Turned out to be the picture we used for Relay for Life. A part of all of our hearts are hanging on the moon to be close to our Amy. We will always love her "to the moon and back".



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blue lake - https://zemaria.fr/

blue lake - https://zemaria.fr/