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Valentine's card - "I'm glad we're in the same school" (of fish) baggie with Goldfish crackers

I like this better than the swedish fish. Cute Classroom Valentine - Valentine I'm glad we're in the same school! Could also use Swedish fish (we're doing this for Charley's class).

So simple yet absolutely adorable.  These I Love You sign language valentines are also a great opportunity to teach your kids some simple signs.  Plus if you are one who loves hand-prints of your kids, here's another to add to your "keep" box.

Becky, you can do this for Fathers Day :) it reminds me o you guys.Make your own ADORABLE sign language card! Perfect for any holiday - Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Teacher Appreciation! Love the little hand print!

Cuteness overload with this ADORABLE handprint Valentine card to make with kids!

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Pretty Pin straight from the page! Valentines Day Ideas, Hairstyles, & more PINspiration .

"SN-apple" of my eye

Healthy Valentine Treats for kids - use string cheese, animal crackers, pretzels, Snapple, fruit leather and more. Plus cute saying to go with each healthy valentine treat to give away!

Would be cute with Dove dark chocolate hearts

Have a *Dino*mite Valentine's Day! I'm gonna make the coolest valentine's day cards this year!

A blog about the different roles that we juggle being moms!

14 Days of Valentines for the Kids: You Color My World With Happiness! Could use this for a teacher's gift too.Sharpies instead of crayons.

Adorable valentines, perfect no candy approach!- p.s. I am aware of the spelling error on this valentine, I did NOT create this valentine and I am also going to assume that most people are bright enough to fix it on their own without the help of the grammer police. Anyone who feels they need to be rude and comment on the gramatical or spelling mistakes of others need to find a better hobby. Thank you. The more you know.

Black paper, gold or silver pen and bouncy balls from the party store. What kid wouldn’t love this Valentine. Black paper, gold or silver pen and bouncy balls from the…

I want to do this for my class

Snack Hack: Cereal Milk

valentines gift bags - I also sent the kids care packages with hershey kisses that said 'sealed with a kiss'; starbursts that said 'you put the burst into valentines day; resees pieces that said 'love you to Valentine