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La cruz, Cristo la santificó, la convirtió de un signo de muerte a un signo de vida eterna.

Red Cross - Ancient Building where Christians have gathered for many years

City of David, underground of Jerusalem, archeology, underground city.

City of David Israel, Drainage channel that took stormwater and sewage from Old City

THE KING WHOSE MELODIES CAN STILL BE HEARD AROUND JERUSALEM WALLS...The City of David in Jerusalem is a testimony to the First Temple period and definitely a reminder of King David musical talents.

The City of David in Jerusalem is a testimony to the First Temple period and definitely a reminder of King David musical talents.

Israel. Entrance to the Room of The Last Supper in Jerusalem.  #shlomosixt #sixtisrael #boazyacobi

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Tomb of Lazarus, Bethany

Tomb of Lazarus -- Israel, It is located in the West Bank town of al-Eizariya, traditionally identified as the Biblical village of Bethany, on the southeast slope of the Mount of Olives, some miles east of Jerusalem.

Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, Israel. Walking down to the place where Jesus was born...

Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, Israel. Of course, we don't know exactly where in Bethlehem Jesus was born, but it would still be interesting to visit.

The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

The Western Wall (Hebrew הכותל המערבי, ha-ha-Maarawi Kotel, also called the Western Wall) - the only remnant of the Temple. At present it is the holiest place of Judaism. The surviving walls are part of the second temple built on the hill of Moriah.

Tumba del Profeta Zacarías en el Valle de Cedrón, Jerusalén, ISRAEL.

The tomb of the prophet Zechariah, is the old stone monument, carved in the rock-solid, and has a burial chamber before is the bottom of the Mount of Olives, in Jerusalem - Palestine.

Mary's house in Ephesus, where she spent her last days on earth

Ten Years is a Long Run…

The House of the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, is located in a nature park between Ephesus and Seljuk, Turkey and believed to be her last residence.

Prison of Apostle Peter. Jerusalem, Israel

God tells us to seek Him within His powerful Sword: the picture of His Word slicing into our lives by His Holy Spirit.( This is the prison of apostle Peter in Jerusalem.

The Lions' Gate is located in the Old City Walls of Jerusalem and is one of seven open Gates in Jerusalem's Old City Walls.  Located in the east wall, the entrance marks the beginning of the traditional Christian observance of the last walk of Jesus from prison to crucifixion, the Via Dolorosa. Near the gate’s crest are four figures of leopards, often mistaken for lions, two on the left & two on the right. They were placed there by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in 1517.

Lions Gate - Jerusalem Old City Gates (also knows as Stephen's Gate) Located near the center of the eastern wall, immediately north of the Temple Mount. It leads into the Muslim Quarter, specifically onto the Via Dolorosa.

Garden of Gethsemane- Jerusalem, Israel

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