My friend would totally do this. And I'd help you with the plan. (I would not physically hurt her.)

This is super funny just because of the She's The Man reference.-Ash Davison Lee R O O K E // W I L L I A M S Lee Hummel Bare

what a coincidence!

as anything One Direction reminds me of you.this one especially did cuz i can see you doing this."its in my own language ok!

Guys I'm tearing up.....this is so beautiful and so true <3<< there, there. don't cry. <<< someone hold me ...

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These boys taught me so it's all so true! We are a family and family sticks together that's why we defend the boys. they are family.I love Zayn's

Don't leave

I will always be a directioner forever and always through the girlfriends the kids the break ups the marriage! Real directioners stay forever and fake fans probs hate them but why hate them they r sexy hot and bubbly! I LOVE ONE DIRECTION

That is very true

That is very true


Zayn: Of course I would be you Harry, because I would like to know what it would be like to have such luscious, curly hair :)

Hahaha I love them I wish I was their best friends but I'd also be dating one of them haha I know you guys feel the same way lol

Hahahahaha awwwwww>>> I love how Harry just stands there. Like imagine if he would stand on his tippy toes as well, we'd only see his lips lol but Louis is damn good

Yes. He's hot no matter what. My ovaries will still continue to shred. Damn feels.

I love his hair His 2013 hair and his long hair in steal my girl which of harrys hair do love?

I guess. If your harry styles. Or louis tomlinson. Or niall horan. Or liam payne. Or zayn malik. Then yes thats fine.)<< Yeah, 'pretend,' suuure, we'll go with that (;

HAHHAHA! Did you sing it as you read it? I did!!

Omg so absolutely true.somebody should get this on broadway then we can steal the boys after the show

coincidence i think not. (sorry if i offend anyone i like Taylor's songs just not a big fan of her)

i know i said no more haylor hate but you gotta admit this one is pretty funny