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Come on Nana!

Pixie dust for Nana, Peter Pan I hates this scene because Nana was trying really hard to go with the children she looked after and Michael really wanted his best friend to go but she couldn't. And I don't know why this hurts me so much but it does.

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Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Smee     Smee’s not so bad; he’s sort of charming in his sweetness and care of Captain Hook. But there is that whole scene where he is concerned that he gave Captain Hook too close of a shave (i.e. removed the dear Captain’s head… oops!) In general he’s loyal and hardworking, but we just can’t shake that whole head-chopping-off scenario.

Questionable Henchmen

Day My favorite Disney sidekick is Mr. Smee from "Peter Pan." He is the perfect, or imperfect, match to Captain Hook. His clumsiness grinds Hook's gears to make the perfect comedy team.

Peter Pan & Wendy - run away with me

Wendy run away with me I know I sound crazy Don’t you see what you do to me? I wanna be your lost boy Your last chance, a better reality -All Time Low

wendy, john, michael, and the lost boys tied up on captain hook's ship.

( Peter Pan) Wendy,Her Brothers,and The Lost Boys captured by Captain Hook