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Playroom Room Color Pallet: Love coordinating color and design! A whole website full of color palettes! Great for designing, coordinating outfits for photos, and whatever else that involves color!

Color Shore - https://www.design-seeds.com/in-nature/heavens/color-shore-11

Color Shore

My new family room colors! Monroe Kent I think I like this one best for colors.the last 3 for sure! I think the other will be too dark! I am thinking either all walls that blue or one wall blue the rest gray with green curtains and accents

Horizon hues *

Color scheme Horizon Hues Scheme: I really like this one. The blues and purples always look nice together; but they added a yellowish tone and a brown/grey for a surprise.


Combines several beautiful colors: contrasting shades of yellow, orange, coral and violet. At first look bright colors don’t annoy but rather attract attention. This color scheme can be used in summer.

Winter Horizon - https://www.design-seeds.com/seasons/winter/winter-horizon

Winter Horizon

Starry Hues

Starry Hues (design seeds)

horizon hues

horizon hues (design seeds)

These colors are going to be everywhere in the next year. We're seeing lots of purple and warm, cream tones for 2014 weddings *possibly Bedroom .