Victoria Woodhull - 1st woman to run for president against Grant

Victoria Woodhull - First woman presidential candidate. She ran against Grant in 🇺🇸

Hidden Mother

More hidden mothers in Victorian photography: post-mortem photographs or not?

Just guessing ... memento mori photo (??).  When photography was uncommon, bereaved relatives would often have just *one* image to remember their loved ones by.  Arranging for a professional photographer sometimes took longer than was desirable and some photos would include painted on eyes (clearly, from this photo, some better executed than others).  The deceased were also often posed, using stands and props, as though they were still alive.

Some Pinners have this on their board as a Memento Mori. Whoever Photoshopped this image of a normal woman into this, had a sense of humor.


Post mortem and memento mori images. Vintage memento mori and post mortem photography from The Skull Illusion

(foto post-mortem de un bebe de apenas unos meses, el niño se ve muy risueño pero la flores a su alrededor evidencian que ha pasado a mejor vida)

I love post mortem photography, the last sweet image of of a life. (Of course she died on my birthday, 97 years before I was born.


A man in western clothing, poses for his portrait along with his baby and dog. His arm is wrapped possessively around the back of the baby’s carriage. Lying in front of the man, is his loyal dog