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XXY es una película argentina dramática de 2007 escrita y dirigida por Lucía Puenzo y protagonizada por Ricardo Darín, Valeria Bertuccelli, Martín Piroyansky e Inés Efron. Trata la historia de una persona intersexual de 15 años que junto con sus padres huye a una pequeña villa frente al mar para evitar ser rechazada por la sociedad y aprender a aceptar su condición.

XXY - Lucia Puenzo 2008 - -- "The dramatic story of a hermaphrodite, born with what the doctors call 'ambiguous genitalia,' whose parents moved from Buenos Aires to an isolated cabin outside of Piriápolis, Uruguay, to protect their child from prejudice.

Dulce is a mother who has encounters with apparitions in her old house, where it unleashes a terrible prophecy.

La casa del fin de los tiempos (2013)

Cannot be described as enjoyable due to the plot and I do wonder how those who have not read the book could understand what was being playing out. I thought it was powerful and brilliantly acted; disturbing (as it should be) and thought provoking. If you enjoy art house movies then try this. Challenges confidence in parenting abilities, although not as much as the book. Recommended.

Scottish filmmaker Lynne Ramsay directs this adaptation of the bestselling novel by Lionel Shriver.

Wakolda (2013) Lucía Puenzo

A collection of the most rare and scandal films of world cinema. Strange movies, arthouse, the best films of independent directors, forgotten films.

El médico alemán. Wakolda (2013), de Lucía Puenzo

El médico alemán. Wakolda (2013), de Lucía Puenzo

Some of Meryl Streep's Oscar Wins and Nominations. click on image for the whole list

Meryl Streep’s Oscar Wins and Nominations

Meryl Streep's Oscar Wins and Nominations - How many Oscars has Meryl Streep won? And how many Oscar nominations? Here are the films that got her Academy Awards wins and nominations, with actors, directors, and subjects.

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A progressive teacher empowers the students of a women's college to expect more from life than just marrying well. Watch trailers & learn more.

Stories we tell ~ highly acclaimed film on family and the stories we tell about each other.

Stories We Tell (2012)

In this inspired, genre-twisting film, Oscar-nominated writer/director Sarah Polley discovers that the truth depends on who's telling it.

Infancia clandestina

Clandestine Childhood (aka Infancia clandestina) Movie Poster ( of

The Daughter (2016)

The Daughter (2016)