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Tattoo by Musa

Musa (Lukas Musil) Tribo Tattoo, Czech this is gorgeous- I don't want a tattoo, this just looks really cool.

Something like this would be a good one to celebrate getting my first part of pointe shoes. Pointe by Ricky.

Crystal flower... Screw colouring in the lines

Watercolor style tattoo by Street Tattoo. I believe those are names incorporated into the design, which is really neat.

Tatuagem aquarela 17

Artista cria tatuagens abstratas e cheias de cores inspiradas por pinturas em aquarela

This is beautiful. I am definitely getting this as a tattoo.

Snake spirit animals represent healing, transformation, and life changes. As a snake grows it shakes off its old skin. So in order for it to grow, it must leave behind something that is hindering them.