Instructions for creating your own typographic portraits! You just need vector software like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Inkscape, or Gimp.

How to Create a Typographic Portrait in Illustrator


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ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR TUTORIAL: PEN TOOL PRACTICE GUIDE 5/7/2017 0 Comments There's no doubt, the pen tool is by far the most valuable tool within Adobe Illustrator. It is also the hardest tool to master. When I started learning Illustrator in school, my teacher made us spend an entire class period tracing a bunch of lines in order to get comfortable with the tool. I have created a similar practice guide so you can start getting comfortable and learn how to become a master with the pen tool.

Adobe Illsutrator Tutorial: Pen Tool Practice Guide

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Make vector portraits from photos - Photoshop & Illustrator Tutorial - Digital Arts >>> I love this piece. It reminds me of Obama's change poster but funner and more energetic.

Create An Obama Style Hope Poster In Adobe Illustrator WEEK 5

In this tutorial I am going to demonstrate a process on how you can create artwork in the same style as the Obama Hope Poster in Adobe Illustrator.

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Creative BloQ - amazing Illustrator tutorials. this is just one of them-make sure to check out the rest.

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Repeating Patterns in Illustrator The Pattern Options dialog enables you to control how your pattern repeats