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amazing! upcycled rubber tire into stamp

Old tires carved into block print stamps! Possible idea for painting tents and banners. So they didn't have tires but its still cool

Celery Stamped Artwork. Amazing!

Celery Stamped Art Prints

Celery Print Artwork by A Subtle Revelry. Heart stamps from celery!

Design Guide / How to make a homemade stamp

Happy Friday, everyone! Time to start your weekend off in the most productive way possible - with some fun DIY projects!

geometric hand carved rubber stamp. pattern stamp. zig zag.

hello you hand carved rubber stamp by talktothesun Valentine flowers happy cookies geometric hand carved rubber stamp. hand carved by talkto.

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return address cute umbrella rubber stamp (: Hand Made hand carved rubber stamp Halter of repurposed neckties.

houses and pine trees rubber stamp strip to make rows - #house #tree #stamp

Houses hand carved rubber stamp - gift and greeting card idea.