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So far, we've drawn a nifty grid. Now, we will do something with it- including the promised Checkered Floor! Step 4: Color in the squares on the floor, being sure to alternate them, as shown. You d...

Clear baselines seen in tutorial 3 Place textures on the walls of the buildings and draw cars. may interest you: Tutorial downtown at night

640px-3-flight-staircase-2-2993.jpg (640×427)

How to Draw Perspective. Perspective drawing is a drawing technique used to illustrate dimension through a flat surface. There are many forms used under perspective drawing such as, one perspective, two-point perspective, three-point.

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Imagen relacionada

2-point perspective has two vanishing points and the objects a place at an angle the the viewer.

Another perspective drawing. This drawing shows an example of a 2 point perspective very handy for showing different styles of perspective