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From The Boy and the Moon by James Christopher Carroll "Story Time my dearest Moon ~

At the new moon: Create something, release something, renew something, Begin something ..

New Moon.a time to create, release, renew or begin. The extra energy, the…

Strawberry Full Moon June 20, 2016. Beneath the Power of the Moon, we sit in the Silence of Being and Hold the Light Our Souls Know so Well. This month we get a double blessing in that the Full Moon and the Summer Solstice are on the…

Strawberry Full Moon June 20, 2016

Moon: JUNE ~ STRAWBERRY Also known as the Rose Moon. Picking by moonlight is said to honour the crops.

themagicfarawayttree:    Autumn Moon by *JoannaBromley

Autumn x 10 inch fine art print fairy fantasy illustration Joanna Bromley

The Old Spirit Path: Healing Moon Chant

Healing Moon Chant: Ancient Moon, lend your power, bring me peace this very hour, I call upon your strength & might, bless your child this secret night.

The Goddess - She Walks In The Twilight - Her Steps Make No Sound - Her Feet Leave No Footprints On Dew-Covered Ground - Her Hand Gently Beckons - She Whispers Your Name - And After You've Met Her You're Never The Same.

Just as we cannot all dance or play an instrument, these are facts we accept. We do not pretend that we can, it would be foolish.

Magic is a gift that not all can see, but for those who can. blessed are we. Lady Abigail Again something for the Magickal Book orJournal