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I spent a lot of time searching for affection in shallow spaces . then I met you.

I love you my dearest. More than you will ever know baby girl <3

I love you, Chelsea. I don't want you to ever forget that. No matter how much you want to deny it, it is the most true thing in my life.


I miss you so much and I just saw you. I'd give anything to put my arms around you, kiss you, and touch your face. So true d

...'<3 one day

"She's the pieces of quotes that are splattered in ink in her favorite books" -Alexa Evangelista Living in a dream

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I couldn't sleep last night so instead of counting sheep. I counted all the reasons why I loved you. I was still counting by the time the sun decided to wake up the world.

I'm always the one standing there, with an umbrella just big enough to cover you heart

i think i fall in love with people a little too much just in the way they sound at or how they look when they smile. And it's so addicting, when their eyes light up because you've remembered something they may have said.

I allowed someone else to hold my pen for too long and when I took it back I also brought back my life and happiness. Never allow anyone else to hold your pen.


"I listened to his heart pounding through his t-shirt and knew everything was going to be okay. I had taken the long way around, but I was finally home to stay.

He has the most manly and comfortable arms.. ♥️

Soulmate Quotes: QUOTATION – Image : As the quote says – Description 'I wanna be wrapped in your arms. Skin against skin, hands intertwined. Let me fall asleep to the sound of your heartbreat.

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My World Within. Poems Erin Hanson, E.H Poems, Poetry Quotes Life, T. - Famous Quotes And if you think my winters to cold than you don't deserve my spring

Xx I miss you in my bed.... When you are not here...

When I can't sleep at night- I stare at the empty side of my bed, and wonder about the things I would tell you, if you were laying next to me. Every night.