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this is so true i can't even

Ashton sounds normal to me. Maybe that's cause I'm Aussie.

He saved my life and doesn't know it all I want to say is thank you and I love you so much  @lukehemmo5sos

♡ I love how he tries to make all of us girls feel special

Hey guys I need more 5sos board please invite me for a shout out

" "That's the new guy Luke, stay away from him" "Why?" "I heard he unplugs lamps out of anger" << that comment im actually dying

An important concept to humanity.

Ashton and Luke have kissed male fans on the cheek without any hesitation and that is one of the many reasons I love them. : ) >>>>> and the fanboy looks like luke!

I dream of marrying a band meember *cough* *cough* 5sos

*cough* Luke Hemmings *cough* Michael Clifford *cough* Calum Hood *cough* Brad (The Vamps)

I love Ashton's quotes

Ash is my inspiration and sunshine☀️>>> thanks Ashton ♥️<<< how can people ever not look at him with udder respect and happiness

yep, I love my dorks <3 @Ashton Jenkins Irwin @Calum Paton Hood @Luke Eshleman Hemmings @Michael Dussert Clifford

Dose any one see that like wear the same shirt ?but yet I love my dorks Jenkins Jenkins Irwin Paton Paton Hood Eshleman Eshleman Hemmings Dussert Dussert Clifford

I am a small blonde boy. So you're Miley?

But can you imagine the day that Ashton finally decides to twerk? People will lose it. Mountains will crumble. Fandoms will fall. People will not be able to handle the hilarity of ashton irwin twerking. >> lol "im a small blonde boy.